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Resolving the Money Riddle

Resolving the Money Riddle Workshop

Learn the psychology that enabled Paul Blackburn to take his 25-year-old business from mediocre to massive – almost overnight. The changes required to achieve spectacular financial results doesn’t mean new strategies or tactics, clever investments, business building or wealth creation. The secret to financial freedom is changing your mindset.

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  • Become a master of money

    Recognise your money patterns and childhood beliefs – and learn how to break them.

  • Uncover your why

    Learn why money can’t be your motivator. Discover how to make a LOT of money by changing the reason why you work, rather than the job or the business.

  • Achieve exponential growth

    The law of attraction is just a theory – understand what to do AND then how to do it to achieve spectacular results.

  • Dump your emotional baggage

    Uncover the blockages that are stopping you from achieving success – and then learn how to smash through them forever.

  • Learn the millionaire’s mindset

    Discover the secrets that millionaires know and the rest of us don’t.  And learn how to surround yourself with the right people to thrive.

  • Leverage yourself

    Find your niche, stretch your prices and uncover the real secret to financial freedom.


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Resolving the Money Riddle is overflowing with information, tips, strategies and instructive anecdotes which has helped thousands of people to change their finances and their futures.

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Clients said

  • I felt as though I am surfing on top of a tidal wave, but now I trust that I will not wipe out, but will coast to shore.  Thanks for inspiring us.

    Janet Beckers
    Janet Beckers
  • I was amazed at how such profound ideas could be taught in a fun, powerful and simple way.  Paul really opened my eyes and raised my awareness of peak performance and happiness in all areas of my life.  I’m a devoted fan!

    Steve Mason
    Steve Mason
  • I have travelled to the US and Canada to attend similar courses and paid a lot more for them than yours, yet I got much more out of this weekend. Beyond Success kept it low key, down to earth and simple.  Keep up the good work.

    Dennis Perrin
    Dennis Perrin