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Resolving the Relationship Riddle

Resolving the Relationship Riddle Workshop

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Jung


This workshop is designed to help you improve the relationships in your life be it in love, work or friendship.

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  • Understand the purpose of relationship in our lives

    Relationship has a unique place in our lives. It is the only experience in life that will bring us a complete experience of ourselves.

  • Learn about the differing emotional realities

    There is a biological and social divide in the way men and women express their emotions. Understanding these different realities can help us be more patient with one another.

  • Be aware of the physiological measures revealing the 
hidden emotional forces that hold a relationship together or destroy it

    In any relationship there are ups and downs, what is critical is to identify whether the trend is positive or negative.

  • Express basic emotional intelligence in an assertive manner

    We need to look at our feelings and understand them in order to be able to express them in a loving and positive way, so that we don’t damage one another.

  • Learn conflict resolution without compromising ourselves

    Conflict should be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow with your partner, but first you need to acquire the skills to argue well and communicate effectively.

  • Develop shared emotional intelligence in relationship

    We need to understand how our emotions dictate our responses in relationship so that we can step back and control them rather than allowing them to control us.

  • How to pick the danger signs in relationships

    There are always signals to indicate that a relationship is running off course. With the right attitude, we can recover from a range of issues and rebuild deeper and more powerful relationships.

  • Discover the secrets of how the best relationships work

    Get clear on the roles and expectations you have for the relationship – if every relationship is unique then the roles we play within our relationship should reflect that uniqueness.

  • Learn what is at the heart of good communication, and the skills to implement it

    Communication breaks down because we don’t put the time aside to do it – real communication takes effort and commitment.

  • Understand what makes us attracted to others and why we choose one person over any other

    Large-scale research into people’s attitudes to their life partner suggests that the vast majority of both men and women are searching for a deep emotional and spiritual connection with one person for life – we need to uncover the hidden agenda of that search.

  • Learn to celebrate our differences

    In successful relationships those involved learn to talk about the problems in a respectful and honest way, with perspective and without blaming each other for their differences.

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Successful relationships don’t just happen. They take every bit of energy, desire, vision and determination you can muster. Resolving the Relationship Riddle will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to do just that.

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Clients said

  • After undertaking coaching training with Beyond Success six years ago, today I’m running my own successful life, business and property coaching entity.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Beyond Success supported me every step of the way with the ‘how to’ of setting up a coaching business.  But most of all, Beyond Success’ boot camps helped me to uncover my own emotional intelligence.  These days, I present my own workshops concurrently with my one-on-one coaching, and as I watch my business grow, my income stream is a very different story to what it was before I started coaching.  Every step of the way, Beyond Success has supported me, and still continues to do so as I explore new territories and boundaries with confidence and excitement.

    Jill McIntyre
    Jill McIntyre
  • Working with my Beyond Success coach has helped me enormously. I’ve learnt useful methods for goal setting and time management, as well as tools to definitively analyse my business. Using an objective yet empathetic approach, my coach has helped me to get back on track.

    Samantha Lewers
    Samantha Lewers
  • It only took my Beyond Success coach just 10 minutes to help me find the willpower I needed to finally lose weight. I've already lost 10kg and I'm going to lose another 15kg.

    Rashed Mumen
    Rashed Mumen